Build schedules that bring people together

Quickly schedule and easily manage student visit days, welcome courses, qualifier exams, and much more! Visigoth allows you to schedule individual meetings between hundreds of faculty and students, based on personal requests and department policies, whether they are attending in-person or remotely.

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Individual Requests

Each faculty member can request meetings with specific students, and vice-versa. Visigoth helps you schedule these meetings, balancing them with optional events and department policies.

Drag & Drop

Drag-and-drop simplicity

Received a last-minute cancellation or a sudden request for an additional meeting? Visigoth has you covered. You can add, change, or remove meetings using our drag-and-drop interface.


Powerful Auto-scheduler

Visigoth can generate automatic schedules that balance individual requests with department policies, accounting for events and availability. It is very powerful, easily handling events with over two hundred attendees over multiple days.


Events and Invitations

Invite attendees to specific events based on their form responses. You can set criteria to automatically add events to individual calendars, or manually build events by selecting people.


In-person and Remote

You can effortlessly organize hybrid programmes. With Visigoth you can automatically schedule meetings as in-person or remote, depending on the attendees.


Publish Schedules

Visigoth provides a personalized link for each attendee. You can continue to tweak schedules to account for last-minute changes, and Visigoth can even notify attendees of changes!

...and much, much more!

Use Visigoth for your next event.

Large or small, hybrid or in-person, no matter how complex, Visigoth can handle it all. Battle-tested by a dozen departments over many years, Visigoth is ready to make scheduling your visit day quick, painless, and easy. Reach out and get started.

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For an unlimited number of non-overlapping events hosted by a single department in a calendar year.

Use Visigoth for your student visit days, welcome courses, and qualifier exams, all for a single fee. This comes with email support, form templates, and help from our experienced team.

Introductory pricing, limited time offer only.

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